Q: How many phases does Tejuosho have?

A: There are two phases- Phase 1 (Tejuosho Complex) and Phase 2 (Tejuosho Shopping Centre).

Q: Who is the developer?

Q: Who is the financier?

Q: Where is Tejuosho Shopping Centre located?

Q: Where is your Sales Office located and what time are you open from?

Q: When is the Opening date?

Q: Why the delay in completion and handing over?

Q: Is the Tejuosho Project a market or a shopping complex? Although it is named Tejuosho Market, the project resembles a Shopping Complex.

Q: Would there be sellers of tomatoes, onions, fish, fresh meat, ugwu, palm oil, rice, beans etc. in this market as what was obtained before?

Q: What type of shops/retailers will be at Tejuosho once open?

Q: Is there a market section?

Q: What is the current price per square meter for a normal shop?

Q: What is the current price per square meter for eateries/restaurants?

Q: What are the types of shops available, their m2 and current total package?

Q: Do I get a freehold or leasehold title if I purchase a shop?

Q: Does the selling price include registration and legal charges?

Q: What are the benefits of acquiring 1 or more stores at Tejuosho?

Q: What steps do I need to take before setting up my shop?

Q: What are the mortgage plans?

Q: What is the facility management plan?

Q: Please clarify the litigation issues that were reported in the media?

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